Adelaide Harden was a Makai Alchemist in Vanishing Line. She was Knight's wife and Luke's mother before she was killed by her own husband.

Personality & Character

Adelaide was a Makai Alchemist. She's a strict and loving wife to the former Silver Knight and mother to Luke. While Adelaide taught Luke the ways of an Alchemist, Chris taught him the ways a Makai Knight. A strong-willed woman and proud of her native heritage, she wore her tribal garments and jewelry in combat along with her selection of guns. A strong sensor to darkness, she detected Chris' corruption and attempted to protect her son, but it was her weakness for Luke that ultimately got her killed in combat. In her dying breath, she taught Luke strength is attained for others, not for himself. It was this confrontation that motivated Luke to become an alchemist and abandon his knighthood. Adelaide's death remains a haunting memory within Luke.

Skills & Abilities

  • Makai Alchemist Training: Trained to be an Alchemist, Adelaide knew martial arts, spell-casting, darkness sensory, and used of armed magical weaponry.


  • Madō Guns: Adelaide was usually armed with two large semi-automatic pistols, akin to a .45 Magnum.


Vanishing Line

Adelaide trained as an Alchemist and later married the Howling Knight, Christopher Harden. The two had a son together, Lukather Harden, and trained him as both an Alchemist and Makai Knight. Although tough on Luke's training, Christopher's training was harsher. Even though Luke had his heart set on succeeding as a knight, Adelaide made sure Luke is magically trained to make him a stronger warrior. During Luke's training, Chris desired greater power and he saw strength is everything. Adelaide warned Chris of the dangers of training in forbidden techniques and made him stop his quest for power. Chris only compiled for appearances and secretly continued his dark training. Eventually, Chris attained greater strength, but became possessed by a horror. Adelaide sensed Chris's turn to the dark side and fought against her own husband. Distracted by Luke's well-being, Chris took advantage of her distraction and fatally wounded her. In her final moments, she warned Luke that strength is something attained for the sake of others and not for himself. Adelaide died in the burning family house and the fate of her body is unknown. It is presumed her body was recovered and given a proper burial. Adelaide's death would be a haunting memory of Luke for years to come.

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