Aggregate was a Horror that possessed a computer owned by a mob boss named Damian Steward.


Early History

One day, Aggregate approached Damian through a text message offering any information he wanted in return for humans to feed on. Accepting the conditions, Damian used the Horror's abilities to quickly rise to the top of Russell City's criminal underworld.

Vanishing Line

With its vast knowledge, Aggregate was able to reveal the location of a secret meeting between Russell City's top crime families, many of whom felt threatened by Damian's rise. The meeting was cut short when Damian's gunners showed up and killed every single person in the room, save for one unfortunate survivor that was fed to Aggregate as Damian and his men watched. Gina and Sword eventually infiltrated Damian's penthouse during a party and slayed the Horror.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Aggregate fed on its victims by stabbing them with its cables.