• Former GarEden Employee
  • Alive
  • Laptop

Alan is a civilian who discovered the truth about El Dorado and went into hiding.

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As a former employee of GarEden, Alan is highly skilled with technology to the point he can hack into a heavily guarded server from them.


Early HistoryEdit

Alan started out as a employee for the GarEden Corporation, but one day he found a heavily guarded server in their corporation. Alan quietly hacked his way in through the servers in a late night and found a video of the "cafeteria". While traumatized, he got a message in his laptop telling him the truth about El Dorado and also telling him to hurry and run.

Vanishing LineEdit

Alan first appears in the Eldo Net virtual world as a clown avatar asking Sophie why she is asking about missing people and suspiciously mentions the "Golden Knight", he then gives Sophie a letter and vanishes. Once Sword, Luke, and Sophie go to the mall mall in construction, Alan guides them to him through a drone. Once they meet in person, Alan reveals that he knows about the monsters and shows them a video recording of a maintenance guy mopping a blood-stained floor in a place Horrors call "cafeteria". After Alan tells them his story, the alarms sound and alert the group from the Norma. Alan, Luke, and Sophie manage to hide from the Norma, but Alan starts crying for being a coward all this time. After Sophie cheers him up, Alan starts uploding all his data on Sophie's phone in case something happens to him. After all this was over, Alan reveals he knew Sophie's brother. The group tells him how to escape and where to go. Before leaving, Alan tells Sophie that he only talked to her brother once and that he said that he was proud of his little sister.

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