Alchemy Powers is the ability to magically reforge materials into new constructs.

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There are entities with the ability to take raw materials and reforge them into anything they want. Those with such abilities tend to be magically endowed, with the ability to magically take the material and recreate them with great complexity. Some can only form melee weapons like swords (like Agō), while others have created long range weapons like Madō Gun (which can take form of guns or cannons) or magical concoctions for variety of purposes. Those who are skilled in mechanics can actually magically will the materials to create a complex machine such as the Gōryū.

Alchemy is also a technique that can be learned. The Dragon Knight Edel learned the secrets of alchemy from a dragon who adopted him, enabled him to create clockwork thralls for variety of purposes. In anime, the mastery of Alchemy, even in its basest level, arguably the essential requirement for a Makai Alchemists (anime version of Makai Priest) to become a full-fledged one just as mastery of Soul Metal to a Makai Knight. As with in its real-life and portrayal in popular culture, Alchemy is utilized to brew concoctions as well as crafting items such as Madōgu for variety of purposes including combating Horrors.

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