Alfil was Bishop's servant and a Horror that took the form of a local sheriff.


Early History

Two years prior the events of Vanishing Line, Alfill came to the town of Sun Dell Diós and taught the townsfolks how to use firearms to defend themselves.

Vanishing Line

Alfil briefs a bar owner in Sun Dell Diós named Natalia about a fugitive and kidnaper named Sword, who was under the accusation of kidnapping Sophie. Once Sword and Sophie arrive in the town, Bishop tells him to use the humans against Sword, since he can't hurt them. When Sophie gets separated from Sword, Natalia forces Sophie into Alfil's police cruiser and tries to calm her, but she fights back and clarifies that she wasn't kidnapped. This causes Alfil to tell Natalia to sedate Sophie because she "has" Stockholm Syndrome, but Sophie manages to steal Natalia's gun and cause the cruiser to crash. Sophie then holds Alfil and Natalia at gunpoint, creating doubt on Natalia about Alfil and causing Bishop to tell him to drop his cover and use force. Alfil knocks Natalia aside and proceeds to walk towards Sophie, but she blacks out and when she wakes up, Sword rescues her from Alfil. Alfil then reveals his true form and battles Sword, but once Sword transforms, he is quickly cut down in half.

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