Amou Ryousuke (天羽涼介 Ryousuke Amou) is one of the 100 players or "Knights" who participated in the titular game Versus Road, and a deuteragonist of GARO: Versus Road.

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Amou is a childhood friend-turned rival of Kanata Dai and the owner of the bar Meteor, famed for his combat strength among loval underworld figures. Wanting to live a more peaceful life, he decided to be a bartender much to Kanata's dismay. Behind his harsh and proud exterior due to his previous violent lifestyle, Amou is a kind person as not only he owned a pet dog named Kotera, but also cared with others, willing to take out the-then zombified Kanata and inspired Kuon to be more ruthless and determined so as not to let Hoshiai's death a vain one.



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