Anfel was a massive and powerful gate-like Horror that came to be known as the Chimera of Orvien.

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Anfel was a giant Horror that became known as the Chimera of Orvien for haunting in the old highway of the same name, Orvien. Although accounts suggested that Anfel greatly resembled a mythological Chimera, the Horror was nothing alike, as its true form was a giant gate with a pair of grim reaper-like statues that attacked anyone who got too close and had an inner face that formed mouthed tentacles that could fire streams of energy blasts. Anfel seemingly moved with the souls of those it devoured, as they were carrying its massive gates.


It was said that the Chimera of Orvien appeared along the old highway and swallowed entire villages and towns along its path, while covering its body with the remains of those it consumed. While looking for a brutal Horror that could prove that Alfonso San Valiante was worthy to inherit his armor, Rafael Banderas was informed about Anfel by Garm. At the same time, León Luís was looking for a strong Horror for his training. Alfonso and León met each other without knowing that they were both hunting for Anfel and worked together once they realized they had the same objective. Initially, it looked as if Alfonso and León, who was donning Garo were going to emerge victorious. But the chimera opened its gate to reveal its inner face and threw a barrage of projectiles against León and managed to crush him while Alfonso was hit with one of the projectiles. Rafael showed up and donned Gaia to deal a massive hit against Anfel, but his illness soon took effect and made him vulnerable to Anfel's spikes which immobilized him. Anfel was eventually slain by Alfonso, who recently inherited Gaia after proving himself.

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  • Although Anfel was considered a huge threat to humanity, the Makai Order could do nothing to stop it because Mendoza's witch hunts severely weakened the order.


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