• Incapacitated - Absorbed by Mendoza before both it and Mendoza sealed by Anna Luís's spirit deep in Makai Realm.
  • Legendary Horror

Anima is an ancient giant Horror of great power, resembling a headless female human with shiny blue skin and mouths on the palm of her hands.

Story[edit | edit source]

Long ago, Anima was sealed beneath the Valiante Kingdom by the Makai Order. Years before the events of GARO: The Carved Seal of Flames, Mendoza schemed to revive the Horror to obtain immortality. This plot involved Mendoza engineering his conquest of Valiante and creating a crucifix-shaped crystal composed of the souls of countless Makai practitioners that were killed in his witch hunt. The Watchdog Garm intends to allow Mendoza to carry out his plan, sending the remaining Makai Knights and Alchemists to Santa Bard via the Watchdog Center to thin out the Horrors' numbers despite the inevitable total destruction of Santa Bard and countless human deaths that would result from such a plan. Anima is eventually revived with the crucifix-shaped crystal embedded through her torso in spite of Leon's attempt to stop Mendoza.

Anima later absorbed by Mendoza, where their respective essences turned the latter into an all-powerful Horror who was immune against everything Leon threw at him, even with the Double Extreme Fusion Garo. It took the combined forces of Leon and the spirits of his parents to imprison the Anima-empowered Mendoza, with Leon's mother moving the protective seal she put into her son's body when he was baby to Mendoza and Anima's essence to seal them both in the Makai Realm.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Anima combines traits of previous final enemy Horrors from the live-action installments: Messiah and Eyrith due to their naked appearances, and Zedom for being a Horror that was buried under an area of land that is later built into a populated area where events of the story take place in.
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