The Garo Anime Series (aka Garo - The Animation) are a collective of animated spin-offs of the original live-action series.

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With the success of the live-action Garo series, an animated series has been created to increase its popularity for the franchise. Originally, many theorized the anime is related to the Original Series, The Carved Seal of Flames, featuring a Garo in medieval times. However, it was eventually clarified that the anime series are only borrowing designs and concepts from the established live-action universe. Up until the 3rd series, it was always assumed that each of the anime series had their own respective universe. However, the 3rd series clarified that each series meant a different time period where Garo fought against the darkness.


The series was presented in scattered timelines. However, based on the 3rd series, they established a chronological timeline and it is reflected below.

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