Anna Luís was a Makai Alchemist who was of the bloodline associated with the title of Garo. She was the mother of León Luís, but also the maternal aunt of Alfonso San Valiante.

Personality & Character

Skills & Abilities

  • Makai Alchemist Training: Anna Luís is a gifted Makai Alchemist whose talents arguably on the same caliber with Isabelle. In her case, she demonstrated the ability to place the Seal of Protective Flames on her son Leōn to save him from the flames as well as transferring her soul into the same seal whist burned alive. The said seal is arguably created through combination of magic and alchemy.


A childhood friend of Germán Luís and Bernardo Dión, Anna was the oldest daughter of the previous owner of the Garo title. Sometime after her father's death, Anna remained in the Makai Order so she can pass her father's title to the first male child she would give birth to while her younger sister Esmerelda was adopted into a noble family. Eventually, after Anna married Germán and bore his son, she was framed by Mendoza for causing the illness afflicting King Fernando.

Anna consumed in flames

Placing the life of her son before her own as he is birthed at the time, Anna used her magic to create the burn-like seal markings that protected the newborn León from the flames. Though Anna died in the flames as Germán saved their child, her magic continued to protect León from any form of danger after her death. Here, Anna protected León one final time during his final battle with Mendoza, engulfing the fallen Makai Alchemist in her seal's flames for eternity while guiding her son back to the human world.


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