The Apostle Horrors (使徒ホラー, Shito Horā) refers to seven powerful Horrors appearing in the original series.

Description & Characteristics

Original Series

Little was explained about the difference between regular Horrors and the Apostles. But what is known is that such horrors are more powerful and very difficult to destroy than their regular counterparts. These Horrors also have titles that correspond to their specific elements/themes, like Demon Mirror Horror for Karma.

Anime Series

The Apostle Horrors also exist in the anime continuity and are equally as formidable. It's unknown whether or not they are seven in number like in the original series.

Known Apostle Horrors

Original Series

  • Karma - Demon Mirror Horror
  • Babel - Demon Tower Horror
  • Daroda - Demon Dust Horror
  • Bakugi - Demon Thunder Horror
  • Pulc - Demon Paper Horror
  • Nedle - Demon Needle Horror
  • Unizo - Demon Sound Horror

Anime Series


Original Series

Karma and Babel were defeated during the events of Red Requiem; and by the start of Makai Senki, Kouga had already defeated the seven of them.

Anime Series

Zaruba and Garm identified both Mandura and Nigra Venus as Apostle Horrors respectively.

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