Arabel was a jet-like Horror that possessed Luciano Guzmán, a Makai Alchemist and the husband of Ema Guzmán.


Luciano was a tall man with a pale complexion, a large, black afro, black eyes, and a long, thick, black cloak which he's always seen wearing.



Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Makai Alchemist Training: ?
  • Horror Form: As a Horror, Luciano's aircraft-like raven form enabled him supersonic flight that was capable of dodging and outrunning Ema's magic kites that were designed to combat aerial Horrors. He seemed to be a long-range combatant as he attacked with streams of red projectiles, spike bullets that prevented attacks from behind him, and employed homing missile-like feathers.


Early HistoryEdit

In the past, Luciano and Ema were both skilled Makai Alchemists that easily slaughtered any Inga Horrors they came across. One of them was the husband of a woman whom they met earlier, but when they told the woman about her husband's demise, she slapped Luciano and never forgave him for killing her husband. Luciano wanted to find a way to turn back the humans who became the hosts for Horrors, but unfortunately, this resulted in him suffering the same fate as them. He met with the woman again, but discovering that she became a Horror was the last straw and he fell into darkness. Arabel took control of his body and used him to slaughter many Makai Knights and innocents alike for many years.

Carved Seal of FlamesEdit

After years of searching, Ema finally tracks Luciano down and manages to kill the Horror that took advantage of her husband's pain so he could rest in peace.

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