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Dōman was an onmyōji who appeared to have some control over the Horrors, his name is actually a title he inherited from his mentor, the Priest Dōma. He is the main antagonist of GARO: The Crimson Moon.


Born in the Fujiwara Clan, therefore making him Fujiwara no Michinaga's brother, the infant that would grow up to be Ashiya was cast out of the clan as result of being born scarred. Ashiya survived and became an apprentice under Priest Dōma, succeeding him and taking his title for his name before murdering Dōma. Dōman's goal was to awaken the Horror Rudra, and allowing the Horror to devour him upon her revival. But when Raikou enters Rudra to cut him down, he realized that Douman hasn't been completely consumed as he escapes Rudra's death. The two proceed to settle this in a final duel with Dōman being swiftly defeated by a reluctant Raikou. In his final moments, Douman accepted the light as he fades away in Seimei's arms.

Personality & CharacterEdit

As a result of being cast out of his clan and left to die, he despises the world and wants to see both it and his brother's Light Palace destroyed. To that end, he manipulates those who were downtrodden and spiteful due to being shunned/held back by the rigid social structure of their country.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

He has significant power, able to produce thorny vines to snare opponents or use his heavily scarred face as an Inga Gate to "infect" others with Horror possession.


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