Azami Kadō (伽堂 アザミ, Kadō Azami) is a middle-age woman who masterminded the death game Sena Kuon and his fellow 100 players involved into alongside Hagiri Shousetsu. She is the true mastermind behind the death game and the true main antagonist of GARO: Versus Road.

Personality & Character[edit | edit source]

The gifted Makai Priestess of Monastery branch, Azami Kadō is the daughter of the last Golden Knight Garo who gave his life to save the Human Realm from the latest of once every 500 years of cataclysm that threaten humanity. Her late mother was a Makai Priestess who not only the husband of the same Golden Knight, but also his partner and apparently came from the different branch of Makai Order (as she wield Madō Brush unlike those in Monastery branch). Azami's mother died shortly after giving birth to her, leading Priestess Kadō taking care of her in her stead. Azami grew into a talented Makai Priestess noted for being the only one who can control the darkness, and Monastery sought to use her dark gift for its own purpose. Little did the Order knew that the reason why Azami possessed such gift was because of her ensouled by the very fragment of darkness her father destroyed long ago, and now aimed to continue what it started. For the same reason, her heart is filled with dark and sadistic thoughts in addition of devoid of humanity her birth parents possess, something that became apparent when she interfered the final round of the Monastery's brutal succession ceremony to determine the heir of Garo Armor and introduced its surviving contestant, Hagiri, the might of Dark Metal to recruited him into his cause until he outlived her usefulness. Azami is also not above dirtying her hands in ensuring things go into her favor as shown through possessing Taisuke Nagumo to force him participate in the final round of Versus Road death game when the latter knew too much about conspiracy behind it.

After Hagiri's defeat, Azami executed him as he had outlived his usefulness and takes away Dark Metal Veil Armor composed of, but choose not to kill the victorious Sena Kuon, the new Golden Knight, and left for parts unknown, but nevertheless promised that they will meet again someday.

Skills & Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Makai Priestess Training: While it's unknown to what extent she did Azami spent her early years training as a Makai Priestess. However by the time of Versus Road she is show to be very powerful being able to kill with a touch, burnout eyes and possess others. It's likely she has used a form of magic to cease ageing retaining the appearance & physical prowess of woman in her mid 20's despite being in her late 30's to early 40's. Azami is also a highly skilled martial artist being able to defeat Taisuke Nagumo one of the four finalists of the death game with ease.

Tools & Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Dark Metal: Azami has a supernatural link with Dark Metal being able to control it with her mind and shape it to her will.

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