Azusa is a former Makai Priestess and daughter of Zesshin in Bikū Darkness Slasher. After her father's murderous rampage, she left The Order and lived as a regular person.


Azusa was born the second daughter to fallen Makai Priest and Darkness Hunter Zesshin. She is part of an inbred family that believed in blood purity and engaged in incestuous relations. However, it's unclear if Azusa was ever one of them. After her father killed her mother and elder sister, she escaped from his murderous rampage and retired being a priestess. She now runs a housewares shop, selling household items, hoping to avoid all ties with the Makai Order. How her family lived and died still remains a haunting and shameful experience for her and she tries to keep a low profile.



Born approximately 40 years ago from Raiga's time, Azusa is the second daughter to Zesshin. She grew up in a household that was known to have incestuous relations between father and daughter. It's unclear if she ever had relations with her father, but her un-named elder sister did. Zesshin's first daughter was pregnant with Zesshin child, Saya. Not long after Saya was born, Zesshin lost his sanity and began hopping through the bodies of others and murdered his family. Eventually, Byakkai defeated him, causing Zesshin's body to become invalid. Byakkai requested amnesty for a broken Zesshin and he was jailed for life for his crimes. It was never clear how did Azusa survived her family's slaughter, but decided to exile herself from the makai life and start fresh. She buried her past and never made further contact from her old life.

Bikū Darkness Slasher

By the current time, 20 years later, Azusa is in her 40s. She's running a housewares shop, selling furniture and tea sets. It's unclear if the Makai Order made any arrangements for Azusa, but it was known throughout the order that Zesshin's entire family was slaughtered. Her life would be disturbed by past events once again with Bikū's arrival.

Just when Azusa finished tending to some guests, Bikū arrived at her door. Instantly recognizing Bikū as part of the order, Azusa fearfully tried to get Bikū to go away as she's no longer part of their world anymore. However, Bikū needed answers and mentioned how someone has been claiming to be the daughter of Zesshin and played a role in his freedom. Surprised that someone else would claim to be the daughter of Zesshin, she told Bikū about her family's history and what Zesshin did. It was then Azusa recalled her elder sister giving birth to a child before her murder. As soon as Azusa named the child, Saya, Bikū knew it was Byakkai's ward and ran off to find her.


  • Little is known about Azusa, other than the fact she retired from the Makai Order.


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