Ishutarb (イシュターブ, Ishutābu) was a Horror that possessed the body of a con-woman named Azusa Kujō (九条 あずさ, Kujō Azusa).



Ishutarb emerged from a chain that was converted into a Gate by Barago, and possessed the body of Azusa when she tripped on it. Using her host's scheme of taking advantage of money-minded people using an IT company as a front, Ishutarb lured her victims to meet with her during night time so she can devour them. Sensing Horror blood spilled on Kaoru, Ishutarb saw her as a potential meal, but she was thwarted by a combination of dumb luck and the appearance of Kouga Saejima. Ishutarb assumed her true form and fought Kouga in the parking lot, resulting in her death.


  • Horror Powers: Reflecting her Inga Gate, Ishutarb's powers revolve around manipulating chains that also acts as the extension of her very being.
    • Weapon Manifestation: Ishutarb's special ability is to manifest blade-tipped chains for attacking or ensnaring foes. When used for feeding, she simply manifests her chains out of her mouth that then skewers her prey's flesh before painfully assimilate their whole body through them. She may also use the same ability to form a stylized-looking Kama (Japanese scythe) to block attacks with.
    • Exoskeleton: In her true Horror form, Ishutarb's body is encased in iron maiden-themed armor complete with a metal visor. Though supposedly durable, the armor is not sturdy enough to be identified as Demon Beast Exoskeleton as she didn't undergo necessary body modifications thus easily fell under a single slash of Garoken.




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  • Ishtarb is named after the Babylonian goddess Ishtar.
  • Ishtarb's natural Horror form wears armor modeled after an Iron Maiden.
  • Ishtarb's one of the rare few Horrors to maintain there hosts face.