Azusa Kujō (九条 あずさ Kujō Azusa)
Azusa Kujō.png

Ishutarb ( イ シ ュ タ ー ブ , Ishutābu ) is an Inga Horror who possessed the body of con-woman Azusa Kujō, whose feeding method is to rip the prey to shreds with chains from her mouth and ingest the pieces caught by her chains' links. Kujō is portrayed by Kahori Fujii (藤井 かほりFujii Kahori)


Ishutarb emerges from a chain that was converted into a Gate by Barago, possessing the body of a con artist named Azusa Kujō when she tripped on it. Using her host's scheme of taking advantage of money-minded people using an IT company as a front, Ishutarb lures her victims to meet with her during night time so he can devour them. Sensing the Horror blood spilled on the girl, Ishutarb saw Karou was a potential meal yet was thwarted by a combination of dumb luck and Kouga Saezima. Assuming her true form as they take their fight into the parking lot, Ishutarb is destroyed.


  • Ishtarb is named after the Babylonian goddess Ishtar.
  • Ishtarb's natural Horror form wears armor modeled after an iron maiden.