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Portrayed By:
  • Guadalcanal Taka
  • Unknown
  • Jaki Sensor
  • Magical Prosthetic Arm

Bakura is a Makai Priest and Bar Master to Bar Lupo. He's assigned to assist Rei on his missions while running a Bar Restaurant on the side.

Personality & Character[edit | edit source]

Bakura is one of the most unusual priests as he doubles as the bartender of Bar Lupo. Usually, a priest is devoted to supporting there Makai Knight's, but Bakura helps out Rei during off hours. The reason why he now acted as a passive Makai Priest and liaison between Rei and his current Watchdog is implied to be the result from a battle against a powerful Horror which costed him his original hand and crippled his strength. Despite these shortcomings, Bakura is more than eager to enter the field should the situation calls for it.

Skills & Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Makai Priest Training: Bakura seems to be a skillful Makai Priest that he assigned as a liaison between the Watch Dogs and Rei. He knows how to cast spells and utilizing Madō Bagua Tag, the latter which he used to ensure that Alice Hiromi does not sneak out of Bar Lupo. His overall skills, however, seem not to be as sharp as they used to be, as after successfully teleported to Rekka's location, he expressed discomfort over the experience. Also, he acts as a passive ally for Rei since he lost his arm after a battle against a Horror, which had been replaced with a prosthetic that has a built-in brush in it.

Tools & Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Jaki Sensor: Bakura has a Jaki Sensor which can detect accumulated dark energies within an unknown radius, which he used to pinpoint and alarmed him of activities of Horrors and/or dark agents. It is suggestively has wider range than standard Demon Compass.
  • Magical Prosthetic Arm: A prosthetic arm which can mechanically transform into a Madō Brush, which suggestive partly crafted out of his original Brush.

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