Bar Lupo is a bar-restaurant that is managed by Makai Priest Bakura in the events of Black Blood and Dragon Blood.

Description & Character

The bar itself is a rented space and acts as a bases of sorts for Rei and Bakura. After the events of Demon Dragon of the Blue Cries, Rei was relocated to another city and partnered with Bakura to protect the city. However, Bakura isn't your ordinary priest. Because he lost his right arm, he's a passive priest at best, only giving Rei Orders Documents and warns detection of darkness. The rest is up to Rei as Bakura is busy tending to customers. As a fully functional restaurant bar, Rei goes there to dine and drink frequently often. However, the bar was relocated to Rune City along with Rei after White Horror Ring was defeated. At a new location, it is at the first floor of an residential building and twice the size of the original place. Bakura also acquired an assistant, Kurehi, to help him serve customers while he handles other matters. The new bar also has a second floor, acting as a storage room, but it later became the unofficial apartment to Alice Hiromi after she barged into their lives. The room later returned to being a storage after Alice's departure. The bar continues to function like a normal establishment until the order redirects Bakura elsewhere.


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