Baron is an azure Makai Armor that specializes in scimitar combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title of Baron the Thunder Knight (雷鳴騎士・破狼(バロン), Raimei Kishi Baron, lit. "Breaking Wolf"). The armor is currently wielded by Wataru Shijima. This armor first appears during Makai Flash Knight.

Description & Characteristics[]

The Baron armor takes a strong resemblance to the Storm Knight Bado armor. However, Baron has armor plating on its torso while Bado has none; other differences includes the placements of its spikes, blades, and style of combat. Because not all of Baron's capabilities are fully defined, not everything is known about the armor.

For weaponry, the knight's primary weapon is a sword called Raimeiken (雷鳴剣, Thunder Sword). In its dormant form, it takes the appearance of a jian (Chinese straight sword) with a blue handle and cross-guard. In its transformed state, the sword becomes a large scimitar with blades on the pommel and cross-guard, which allows Baron to cut and slash through a target at any end of its weapon. The armor also armed with blades on the pauldrons, forearms, and shins, to cut and slash while striking and kicking.

Baron's combat style reflects upon its user, Wataru, in charged strikes. When armored, Wataru tends to charge and twirl through targets like a spinning blade to cut down multiple targets. For single targets, Baron would widen his stance for a concentrated straight charge to cut down the target. However, a skilled combatant can deflect or dodge the attack. He primarily relies on charged strikes to quickly end the battle, but this method of combat is also physically demanding, quick to drain the user's strength. However, this combat style has suited Wataru well. Like all makai armors, Baron is capable of using the Blazing Armament to enhance its combat strength with blue Madō Flames.

When horseback combat is needed, Baron can summon his Madōba: Shingetsu. However, it was never seen in action, only briefly mentioned (in magazine). As such, it's unknown whether it has any special abilities aside from absorbing madō flames for blazing armament. For combat though, it has a saber-like blade for a tail and a large curved blade (along with smaller blades) as a mane. The nose has a small horn and the lower jaw has a spike for a chin to puncture and slash its targets in melee combat. Based on known abilities of madōbas, it is likely able to scale through the side of walls.

Additional information on abilities and gimmicks with the armor is limited. Like all armors, its torso armor contains a symbol at the solar plexus: the emergency reset plate. If the armor risks corruption or turn its user into a Lost Soul Beast, the armor can be released if the plate is struck through. Despite titled as Thunder Knight, Baron has never shown any elemental qualities to its armor like Bado.

Weapons & Equipment[]

  • Raimeiken (雷鳴剣, Thunder Sword): TBA
  • Shingetsu: TBA


Makai Flash Knight[]

Baron armor has been in possession of Wataru Shijima for quite some time. When encountering the Red Masked Man, the armor, along with its user, was corrupted by the mysterious enemy's Mark of Death. The armor eventually purified with combined forces of Tsubasa and Kouga, restoring it.

Makai Tales[]

In the aftermath of Makai Flash Knight, Wataru goes on a hunting mission to eliminate Horror Dens. He would trick a Horror to run for its life, to hide in a den. Wataru would pretend to be easy prey and get arrested, only to break out and destroy the entire den and leave one survivor to repeat the process. However, he accidentally slays all the Horrors in this hunt, leaving him no clues to the next den.

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  • Baron theme:
  • Baron Armor so far only known Makai Armor that briefly corrupted before eventually restored back to normal.

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