Begand was a Horror that possessed the body of Hardy, a former Olympic gold medalist that lost the ability to walk.

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After becoming paralyzed, Hardy became pessimistic and full of anguish to the point of saying that there was no point in rehabilitation and that other people should of became paralyzed instead.


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Hardy was once an Olympic gold medalist, but became paralyzed after saving his girlfriend Enith from a falling sign. Hardy pushes her aside and the sign falls on him instead, causing him to be paralyzed and confining him to a wheelchair.

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Excited to have a clue about Martin, Sophie accidentally knocks down Hardy from his wheelchair, Hardy initially gets mad but then apologizes. Back at his house, the Horror Begand sensed his anguish and offered him the power to run again, something to which Hardy accepted. Hardy was happy to have his legs back, but it also made him into a Horror. In his demonic form, he would devour unsuspecting victims and use his unrivaled speed to escape detection from the Makai Order. Begand was exceptionally fast and hard to track, even for Sword's Madō Motorcycle, sending Sword and Luke on a mad chase across the city until it is finally taken down by a combination of well-placed shots from Luke's rifle and a single swing of Garo's sword. Because of Luke's memory-erasing rain, Enith believes Hardy to be missing.

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