Bernardo Dión was a fallen Makai Knight who bore the title of Zex the Dark Knight.

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Skills & Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Makai Knight Training: Bernardo was trained as a Makai Knight, and true to his armor Zex's ability, was proficient in sword and shield combat.
  • Magic: Bernardo appeared to be capable in magical attacks such as projecting concussive gust of wind, releasing magic blasts from his shield, and telekinetically manipulating matter. However, this ability might be tied to his armor as he has never shown to perform it outside the Zex armor.

Tools & Weapons[edit | edit source]

Zex the Darkness Knight

  • Zex's Sword & Shield: As a Former Makai Knight, Bernardo possessed the armor of Zex the Dark Knight. After donning the Zex armor, Bernardo used a longsword and large shield. He could use his weapons in conjunction with Senkaku, his black-armored Madō Horse, to form a drill weapon.

History[edit | edit source]

Once a dedicated, by-the-book Makai Knight, Bernardo was both a friend of Germán Luís (then known as Roberto) and Anna, though he was envious towards the former for his carefree attitude and relationship with the latter. Though he used there sparring matches as a means to vent his frustration with Germán, he was unable to fight him seriously due to the Makai Order forbidding Makai Knights from fighting to the death. Bernardo lost his faith in humanity when Germán and Anna were captured during the witch hunts. In anger, he broke the Makai order's most sacred law that forbids Makai Knights from harming regular humans. The fight that ensued resulted in Bernardo fatally losing his left hand, and he was found by Mendoza who offered him a second chance at life and revenge against the people who harmed his friends. Bernardo eagerly accepted the man's offer for a new life in return for his servitude, realizing it would allow him to fight Germán seriously as an enemy. Mendoza then turned Bernardo into a Horror-like being with a prosthetic gauntlet hiding a blade embedded in his left forearm.

As the captain of the Black Knights, Bernardo trained himself to finally settle things with Germán. When Germán, León, and Alfonso made their way through Valiante's castle to face Mendoza, Bernardo finally had his fated duel with Germán, eventually culminating with his defeat and in a bad shape. As he briefly returned to his old self, seemingly with no memory of the last seventeen years, Bernardo asked his former friend to find an heir to his Knight title before he passing away, along with the Zex armor.

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