Bezel was a Horror that attempted to overthrow King and take his place in Vanishing Line.


Bezel was a Horror that takes the form of a unnamed young man with silver hair and a scarred left eye. He possessed a keen sense of smell, to the extent that he was literally capable of smelling intents and feelings of others. He found the "scent" of happiness detestable while enjoying that the of greed and turmoil the most. The Horror's true form was a large armored beast with fangs and sharp claws. Its arrogance and confidence in its own strength led it to El Dorado, where it went around asking for the whereabouts of King with impunity, wishing to usurp King as the city's ruler as he sees him to be weak and ineffectual. Despite its strength, Bezel was swiftly beaten in a confrontation with Queen and was later slain by Knight.

Skills & Abilities

Bezel possessed the ability to change human faces into its own, transforming them into clones that he can absorb or split off from itself to fight for him.


Bezel first appears talking with Carol in a bus going towards El Dorado. Once they arrived, Bezel asked two men in an alleyway about King before consuming them and turning them into his clones. In the morning, Bezel turns another man and goes to a park where he recognizes Carol being handed a free ticket to an exclusive party. When Carol finds that the party is a trap, she runs and stumbles into Bezel asking for help, he replies that he can't and consumes her. Bezel ends up killing all the Horrors in the dinning hall and spares Hemrio so that he can show him where King is. Bezel kills Hemrio by using him to destroy the barrier in King's tower and progressed through the tower until he found Queen. Bezel is easily defeated by her and escapes, but is found by Bishop, who mocks at him for being "Horror-like". Bezel tries to attack Bishop, but he dodges and Knight cuts him from behind.


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