Garo Blazing Armament

Blazing Armament (炎々武装, En'en Busō) is a technique in which a Makai Knight and/or a Makai Priest can use to enhance the combat strength of a knight to take down enemy targets.

Description & Characteristics

Original Universe

Using Madō Flames, a knight can use this fire to encompass their armored bodies to increase their power in combat. During combat, an armored knight has the option of using a Madō Lighter, soul metal friction or sheer willpower to bring forth the flames. They can cover just their weapons or cover their entire armored body to take down a Horror. To further increase their combat powers, their blazing armament can be further enhanced by the help of a priest. With enough focus, a priest can summon stronger Madō Flames to defeat the most formidable of foes.

Techniques deployed in Blazing Armament vary, which also relative to the user's skills such as:

  • Simply coating one's Makai Blade with Madō Flames to increase the inflicted damage.
  • Imbuing both Makai Armor and Blade for dramatically bolstering one's defense and offense as conjured Madō Flames about the knight's whole armored form will the opponent from attacking him without getting burned.
  • Hurling crescent-shaped fiery projectiles out of Madō Flames-infused Makai Blades via. slashing motion as long-range attacks.
  • Amplifying Madōba's combat capabilities.

Dragon Knights (progenitors of the Makai Order's knights) utilize a similar kind of fire to encompass their weaponry and armor for enhanced combat. However, this kind of fire was created from the power of dragons. Unlike Madō Flames, which can be used for healing as well as destruction, dragon fire has a purifying ability to burn anything it touches; it's unclear if there are other applications due to limited information.


Blazing Armament works the same way with in Original Universe, as it involves either friction, Madō Lighter use, or sheer willpower to conjure Madō Flames. Zen the Flame Sword Knight however, able to employ more devastating version of the technique thanks to its ability to compress the flames into his armor until it burst with power, enabling him to launch the flames as missile-like fiery projectiles or redirect the energy into his Makai Blade as white flames that instantly reduce the target into ashes upon contact.

Anime Universe

In anime universe during era of Divine Flame and Crimson Moon, Blazing Armament is mostly performed through sheer willpower or friction to conjure Madō Flames for combat. The reason of this was because Madō Lighter, which has a role to perform such technique, yet to be invented until Makai Order's modernization sometime prior to modern day. As of the events of Vanishing Line, not all knights perform this impressive technique as some choose to master more focused Chi Casting that serve similar function.

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