Blood Moon was a massive and powerful Horror that was known as the Apostle of Dawn Moon.


When León Luís and Alfonso San Valiante found Mendoza, he was forcibly drawing out Blood Moon from the Zirkel's Ring. Blood Moon kept Alfonso occupied while Mendoza freed the Lost Soul Beast from within León. The newly transformed Lost Soul Beast Garo then bit off Blood Moon's flesh before making its way to the town, severely burning and destroying it in the ensuring battle. In the aftermath, Blood Moon emerged from the ruins and fought Alfonso, who had just taken Garo's mantle. Blood Moon ate Alfonso and was returning to the Makai Realm when Alfonso suddenly broke free. Mendoza was later devoured by Blood Moon during the confusion. In the end, Blood Moon is slain by the new Garo.

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  • According to Mendoza, Blood Moon appeared once every few thousands of years along with a blood red moon to destroy everything.


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