Bride Horror
The Bride
Brides Flowers
The Bride's flowers

The Bride Horror: Is a horror that possed an unnamed bride. Ryūga sees a bride and identifies her as a Horror. Following her to a building in the Karishi district where is to be fitted in her dress, Ryūga confronts the bride as she is forced to run. Despite the bride's attempt to use her wedding reception to protect her, Ryūga forces her out the window and dons the Garo armor to kill her before his feet touch the ground. Later on, Ryūga finds himself attacked by the bride's bouquet, the Horror's main form. However, Ryūga is saved when Makai Priest Burai, a man from his past, arrives and has the Horror devoured by his Makai Beast Ragō.


  • The Bride is portrayed by Miku Sano (佐野 光来, Sano Miku).
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