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Brother is the fourth episode of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on October 27, 2017.


Sometime later, Sophie found the Diner that Sword had taken her when they first met, however, Chiaki wasn't cooperative in helping her find Sword. She wanted to stay and wait for him, but was told she had to be a paying customer or asked to leave. Desperate for money to see Sword, she attempts to get money from Sister while in a Judo lesson with her. Although Sister senses it has something to do with Martin's case, she didn't give Sophie the money as it's considered a luxury. Focusing her efforts elsewhere, Sophie found Marie Ripley, the younger sister to missing Father Thomas Ripley. It was while visiting Marie that Sword also appeared. He was apparently trying woo Marie with flowers and left. Sophie gave chase, but couldn't catch up with Sword in his bike.

While having dinner with Marie, it is revealed that she is the horror Rangrien. Father Ripley apparently had either incestuous feelings or found sexual gratification in causing pain towards his sister. He tortured Marie in their hidden basement, where Rangrien took over Marie and killed Father Ripley. Marie has been hiding as a recluse beauty all this time. Sword appeared and saved Sophie and engaged Rangrien in combat. With Sophie's dropped the church's bell to distract Rangrien long enough for Garo to cut her down. In the aftermath, Sword wonders why Sophie wants to know about El Dorado so badly and she explained about her brother's disappearance; she needs Sword's help to find Martin. Realizing their path are the same, Sword agreed to help Sophie.