Byakkai was a former Darkness Hunter that was imprisoned by the Makai Order in the events of Bikū Darkness Slasher.

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Byakkai is a Makai Priest and Bikū's mentor. He and Zesshin are the original founders of the Darkness Slasher division but he was later incarcerated by the Makai Order. He was magically confined in a luxurious penthouse-like cell for going AWOL (Absent With-Out Leave). Because he has classified information on the Senate, his confinement was given great amenities to keep his silence. Despite having many comforts (ex: entertainment, women, quality food) no prisoner could ask for, he considers it being a coffin and yearns for freedom. In the events of Zesshin's escape, he advised Bikū in everything there is to know about the subject at hand and passed a technique to help her defeat Zesshin. After Byakkai proved the value of the Darkness Slashers through Bikū, he was set free. However, Bikū realized everything that happened was orchestrated by Byakkai. The priest was able to sense the ambition and motivation of others and can psychologically manipulate people to his will without realizing it. By feeding information to Saya, he set events to lead to his freedom. To create so much chaos and death for his own freedom, Bikū thought this was the act of an evil man. However, Bikū discovered his soul shines brightly as good. His acts was to prove being a Darkness Slasher was a bitter profession and that they should be sympathized, not feared nor scorned. He thought he had a good understanding of Bikū, that she wouldn't lay a hand on him since he's not considered evil. However, Bikū realized that being good doesn't mean a person doesn't do bad things; she killed Byakkai for his misdeeds. However, Byakkai used the Soul Insertion Technique before his body died and now his soul resides within Saya's body.

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  • Makai Priest Training: ?.
  • Darkness Hunter Training: ?.

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