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Byakkai in Club House
Portrayed By:
  • Unknown - Soul hiding inside Saya

Byakkai was a former Darkness Hunter that was imprisoned by the Makai Order in the events of Bikū Darkness Slasher.

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Byakkai is a Makai Priest and Bikuu's mentor who was originally a Darkness Slasher. He is confined in a luxurious penthouse-like cell for quitting being a Darkness Slasher without permission, as well as having knowledge of secrets the Senate does not want anyone else knowing. He equates the cell to a coffin, despite having any luxuries he could ask for under such circumstances. Bikuu goes to him for information and advice at the start of the Zesshin incident, and he tells her everything there is to know about the subject at hand, then passes onto her a powerful spell said to be formidable enough to take down Zesshin, which however, proved to be ineffective later. He is set free after the incident is resolved, showing the Senate that Darkness Slashers can indeed be trusted through Bikuu's work in taking down Zesshin. However it was later revealed to and by Bikuu, that he orchestrated the entire Zesshin incident to send a message to the Senate, that being a Darkness Slasher was a bitter profession and that they should be sympathized, not feared nor scorned. He subsequently taunts Bikuu fondly of her inability to kill him, as his orb is still white from not having actually dirtied his hands despite being the one behind the sinister plot. He is implied to have possessed Saya's body after Bikuu did end up executing her former master regardless.

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  • Makai Priest Training: ?.
  • Darkness Hunter Training: ?.

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