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Portrayed By:
  • Riko Nagai

Cadena a chain-themed Horror that possessed Kanae, a high school girl that became a Horror after getting constantly bullied, but turned back into a human with Jinga's newfound abilities. As the story progressed, it was revealed that Jinga's miraculous powers was just the doing the other Jinga, an ability that reverts a host to moments before their possession and turning them back into Horrors at will.


After Kanae's bullies tie up Kanae in their school's gym with chains, they send a message with Kanae's phone to her friend telling her to come so that they can secretly torment her as well. Cadena emerges from the chains and gives Kanae the power to take revenge on her bullies, but Jinga appears before Cadena can hurt them. Jinga overwhelms Kanae and was about to kill her when suddenly her friend Atsumi stops him because Cadena saved her from being hurt by the bullies. Kanae transforms into Cadena and Jinga pushes Atsumi out of the way and is bit by it, which causes something to change inside Jinga. Jinga equips his armor and slashes Cadena, but Kanae materializes again. To Jinga and Fūsa's surprise the Madō Lighter doesn't show that Kanae has the signs of being a Horror and the Horror is not sealed in Jinga's Makai Blade. The next day, the girls are happy friends again with no memories what happened while being watched by Tōma Mikage.

At the end of the series, Jinga reveals the truth to his human-self about his "miraculous" powers and shows him all the people he had "saved", among them Kanae turning back into Cadena and eating her classmates. All the Horrors Jinga reverted are then teleported to Jinga's location, where they are slain by Tōma Mikage's Horror form and had their malevolence absorbed.

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  • The word Cadena is Spanish for Chain.


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