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Seiji Kawabata

Caricatuan is an ink-based Horror that possessed Seiji Kawabata, a manga artist that has his talent and renown slowly fading as result of becoming shadowed by the newer manga artists. Kawabata is portrayed by Masanori Ishii (石井 正則, Ishii Masanori).

History[edit | edit source]

Kawabata ends up becoming Caricatuan's host when he attempts to kill an assistant who was leaving for a better job and insulted him prior, using his new power to regain his former glory by turning his victims into manga caricatures that he eats to gain their talents. Though a barrier is created around his workshop that effectively hides his presence as a Horror, his actions accidentally tip's off Raiga and Mayuri when he used ancient Makai script in the popular manga Makai King, a manga he created under Caricatuan's influence. He uses manga images to fight the Makai Knight and assumes that he will be victorious by scripting every single aspect of the battle up to Raiga's death. However, Caricatuan is slain when the last panel is blotched by Raiga. Kawabata lasts in human form just long enough to be praised by Mayuri for Ninja Rin, his first manga drawn during elementary school.

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  • Caricatuan's Inga Gate was Seiji's dip pen.

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