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Cause and Effect is the 21th episode of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on March 9, 2018.


In a flashback, Martin and Sophie are orphaned and wait inside while four men in black discuss about what to do with them. The flashback then changes to Martin promising to protect Sophie and create a world where everyone can live happily without difficulties. Back in the present, Sophie shows Martin the people who died because of him and tearfully strangles him. Elsewhere, Queen wakes up from the true El Dorado and questions Bishop if he really killed Sword like he was ordered to or not. Sophie mistakenly believes Martin is a Horror because of all the lives he sacrified for her sake and tries to kill him before Sword comes and does it, but Martin escapes from Sophie scared and confused. Meanwhile, Sword, Luke and Gina drive towards El Dorado, but Queen attacks them using her Makai Plants before a strange frequency turns the citizens into Horrors. In order to save Sophie, Sword manages to run pass Queen and leaves the others to fight Queen. Martin tries to contact Queen, Bishop, and Knight for assistance to no avail. Martin then recalls when he was first approached by Queen and after that when he started working for the GarEden Corporation. Outside, Gina evacuates the remaining people of El Dorado while Luke unsuccessfully tries to take Queen down. Inside the tower, Martin proceeds to the exit but he is too emotionally distraught and King takes advantage of this and deives him further into darkness. Queen is unaffected by Luke's attack, but thanks to a sniper shot from Gina, the bullets collide and create a magical barrage that greatly injures Queen. Luke aims and tries to finish her off but Queen manages to escape. A mentally unstable Martin finds Sophie and drives her out before the Madou Ring consumes him and turns him into a Horror that reveals Martin's miserable face on its chest.

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