Cervielle was a Horror that targeted women.


One night, Cervielle was found by Sword, who proceeded to fight the Horror with his bare hands as Cervielle tries to run. Unfortunately, Sword caught up to the Horror and threw him off the rooftop, hugging Cervielle tightly as they both land on a car, with only Sword surviving.

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  • As Horrors can only be truly disposed after being cut down by a Makai Blade and have their malevolence sent back to the Makai Realm, it's safe to assume Sword cut Cervielle with the Garoken.
  • Cervielle seems to be weaker than other Horrors, as Sword was able to fight it bare handed. Interesting enough, Cervielle fought under a crimson moon, something that under GARO: The Crimson Moon lore, would have made it stronger.


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