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Christina in The Carved Seal of Flames
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Christina in Divine Flame (4 Years Later)
  • Aristocrat
  • Philanthropist
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  • Basket

Christina is the love interest to Prince Alfonso San Valiante in the events of The Carved Seal of Flames and Divine Flame.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Very little is known about Christina other than the fact she's the daughter of a influential family. After hearing the rebuilding efforts of the prince, Christina went to help volunteer to rebuild the town. It was there that her beauty caught the attention of Prince Alfonso San Valiante. Although it was never confirmed about their relationship status, there's strong suggestion that Christina is betrothed to Alfonso already, but he's not rushing into marriage due to his life as the prince and knight of his kingdom.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Laundry Cleaning - Despite rich, Christina knows how to wash linens and helped clean during the restoration of the kingdom.

Tools & EquipmentEdit

  • Basket - Christina is known to visit the castle with food.


The Carved Seal of FlamesEdit

After Garo, Zoro, and Gaia defeated Mendoza, much of the kingdom was severely damaged from the battle. In an effort to restore the kingdom, Prince Alfonso organized the people of his kingdom to help rebuild. When Christina heard of his efforts, she and her aristocratic friends joined her in the building effort. It was while cleaning that her beauty caught the attention of the prince.

Divine FlameEdit

Four years after, Santa Barda has been rebuilt and Christina has gotten closer to the royal family. She was visiting when she found the servant looking for the prince. They found him escaping the castle grounds with his horse, eager to see his cousins (León Luís and Roberto Luís). There was concern that the prince has been escaping to be with other women, but the King laughed at the idea and assured Christina that if he was that of man, Alfonso would've already married her (for the sex).

Christina's fate is unknown as her story was left at an open end. While the makai knights and alchemist battled against the Horror, Nigra Venus, the kingdom was unaware of the battle. It is only presumed that Christina will eventually marry Alfonso and become the Queen of Valiante in the future.

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