Colt Garo Makai Senki
Colt Inactive
Garo Colt Transform
Colt Opening
Type: Advanced Makai Equipment/Gōryū
  • Combating weak to medium level Horrors

Colt is a prototype Standard Gōryū. It was crafted by Leo in hopes to create more powerful tools in the war against Horrors.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Colt is the Gōryū prototype which more advanced than its standard counterparts. While basically same, it has distinctive traits that stands out from the rest: First of all, its design and aesthetics shown more futuristic, with its head slightly dome-shaped and somewhat resemble that of Metal Gear RAY's from Metal Gear series. On the side of its body are 3 pairs of metallic fins with spells written on them. Its combat capabilities also improved, as it capable to fire rapid bursts of Madō Flames thanks to recycled Jaki (dark energies of Horrors infused within it).

When it became possessed by dark energy that empowered it due to contact with Leo's blood, it is overtaken by Horror instinct and possessed a motorcycle. When controlling a motorcycle, Colt displayed the ability to create dark constructs such as wings, energy buzzsaw-like projectiles, and bladed tentacles.

Since Colt is a Gōryū, it can still be restored to normal where to do so, it must be attacked on its core with a Makai Blade upon become full-fledged Horror. However, the endeavor to free it would be difficult due to unpredictability of the Horror possessing it.


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