Colt is a prototype successor to the Standard Gōryū invented by Makai Priest Leo in the events of Makai Flash Knight. The unit became corrupted and Leo had to damage Colt in order to expel its dark influence. It was later repaired and given to Shiguto to help him patrol his own territory independently.


The gōryū became a great success within the Makai Order as the priests now have greater combat power without the need of a knight. With the support from the order, Makai Priest Leo created Colt as a potential successor to the mass produced Standard Gōryū. A completely new build, Colt was designed to be more compact and mobile than its predecessor. In its hidden form, Colt takes the form of an unassuming wooden box, resembling a craftsman's tool case. It's predecessor can only be activated by a crank key and that made things cumbersome during combat; Leo made Colt to be closed by a magical seal. When the seal is lifted, Colt will transform out of the box and connect with its user within seconds for immediate combat. While the predecessor units was themed after a dragon, Colt's form resembles a human skull with the body of a flightless bird. Beyond its superior mobility to the previous model, Colt can launch more powerful attacks through its priest. Colt is able to collect magical energies from its user and fire powerful blasts of Madō Flames to vaporize a Horror. Despite all its improvements, Colt is susceptible to corruption.

Created from the remains of a horror, if Colts gets in contact with human blood, its horror nature can corrupt the machine and become rampant. Upon its first deployment, the unit lost control and possessed a motorcycle. Leo had to damage the unit in order to prevent it from causing further harm. After it was repaired, it was given to priest Shiguto help him patrol his own territory independently. After the events of Makai Flash Knight, it's unclear was Colt ever mass produced as the order seemingly lost interest in the gōryū after dealing with Sigma Fudō's deadlier advanced gōryū. By Raiga's timeline, no priest has been seen using a gōryū, suggesting the order (or at least the priests) didn't favor deploying them in the field. Overall, Colt has proven to be a useful and risky tool for use against the forces of darkness.



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