Crow is a midnight blue Makai Armor that specializes in ninjato and flight combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title of Crow the Phantom Knight (幻影騎士・吼狼(クロウ), Gen'ei Kishi Kurō, lit. "Howling Wolf"). This armor is currently wielded by a nameless man who has named himself after this armor. This armor first appears in Makai Flower.

Description & Characteristics[]

Crow is a midnight blue Makai Armor with golden outlines. Like other armors, its belt contains an ornate symbol at the solar plexus to remove the armor from the user (if hit hard enough in case of Lost Soul Beast transformation). While a titled armor, Crow is noticeably not as ornate as other typical titled knights' armors in appearance, but more ornate than Hagane armors befitting to titled armors belonging to Phantom Makai Knights.

For combat, the knight is armed with a makai sword called Geneiken (幻影剣, Phantom Sword), which dormant form takes the appearance of a ninjato. In its activated form, it becomes the ornate version of the weapon with midnight blue parts on it. Like other armors, the knight can perform Blazing Armament to increase its combat capabilities. Although, how good Crow's skill with such a technique is not shown up to this point, though his Madō Flames being are shown to be light blue similar to Zero's. This was only shown through the color of flame emitted by the knight's Madō Lighter.

The most notable feature of the Crow armor is its capability of sprouting wings for flight, enabling aerial combat. The wings greatly increase Crow's speed and agility, enabling him to keep up with agile adversaries such as Stellas. Although, this ability's activation sacrifices twenty seconds of armor used to summon them. Due to the inherent risk of the armor lifting during aerial combat and causing him to fall to his death, Crow rarely uses this ability. Whenever the knight activates this special ability, the helmet's "wolf ears" would automatically fold downwards to serve as a visor when in flight. Overall, Crow is a formidable armor.



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  • Crow Armor is the first Makai Armor with the ability to fly (excluding Garo armor which can only fly through its upgraded forms).

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