"Crow" is a Shadow Knight and named after his armor; he is titled as Shadow Knight Crow. He's the only known knight that has a flight-capable armor and partnered with Raiga Saejima during the events of The Makai Flower and Moonbow Traveler.

Personality & Character

While easy-going, Crow is rather aloof and rarely seen smiling. However, he respects status and authority.

Skills & Abilities

  • Makai Knight Training: Crow is a skilled Makai Knight, trained in the way of the Phantom Makai Knight's that resembles ninjutsu.

Tools & Equipment

  • Orva: Crow's Madōgu who serves as a Horror detector and advisor.
  • Enzan (円参): Madou shurikens with magical powers. Aside from pinning/incapacitating targets, the shuriken can act as Orva's extension to scout the area and enhance his Makai Blades' damage.
  • Geneiken (幻影剣, Phantom Sword): A ninjato-styled Makai Blade and Crow's main weapon. He can summon his armor with it.
    • Crow Armor: Unlike other Makai Knights, Crow's Makai armor is capable of flight at the cost of using twenty seconds when activating that feature. Due to the inherent risk of his armor lifting during aerial combat, Crow had only used the flight feature twice. The wolf ear part of his helm is capable of folding downwards to serve as visors.
  • Madō Lighter: Crow possesses a Madō Lighter to expose Horrors, but rarely uses it.


Crow started off as the apprentice of Eiji Busujima before excelling his teacher's expectations and becoming a stealthy Makai Knight who serves in the western White region. When the Ady Slate's seal was undone, Crow is assigned to assist Raiga as the museum that held the slate was within his jurisdiction. In time, Crow began to open up a bit to Raiga and Mayuri as the three of them hunt down the Ady Slate Horrors. In his spare time, Crow locates and dispels Inga Gates during the daytime without anyone's knowledge. After Makai Hana, it is hinted in Makai Tales that Crow is (at least temporarily) taking over the leadership of the Phantom Makai Knights from his former master Eiji Bushujima.



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