Dōji Suzumura (涼邑 道寺, Suzumura Dōji) was the former title bearer of Zero the Silver Fanged Knight in GARO. He was the adoptive father to Rei Suzumura and Shizuka. Dōji had no male heirs to succeed his title; adopted and trained Rei to become the next Zero.


Little is known about Dōji, because he was only shortly featured and little of his background story was told. What is known is that he was deeply loved by his adopted kids, suggesting he was a loving father-figure to them. Because he never had his own family, there was no heir to inherit his title and so he trained Rei to succeed him. However, despite nearing his death, he was still concerned over Rei's ability to be a Makai Knight as he was considered him too kind and lacked a certain conviction that's expected for a knight to survive.


Early Days

Little is known about Dōji, only that he comes from a long line of Makai warriors; he was the last son of his bloodline. For unexplained reasons, Dōji never found a lover and never started a family to inherit the Zero title. However, he managed to find and adopt two children, Rei and Shizuka, and raised them as their own.

Secretly trained and never publically informed to the Makai Order, Dōji wanted Rei to inherit the Zero title, but was concerned over his abilities as a warrior as his heart was too kind for the life of a Makai Knight. As for Shizuka, although exposed to the Makai world, she was never formally trained and merely acted as a caretaker of Dōji's estate and himself when he became ill bed-ridden.

Kiba's Attack & Death

Although near the end of his life, Dōji wouldn't die in peace as he would be murdered. Barago needed a special elixir to cosmetically alter his slashed face and Dōji apparently had the elixir in his home. Unable to defend himself, both Dōji and Shizuka were killed by Kiba in Dōji's bedroom.

Enraged by the unprovoked attack, Rei finally attained a bloodlust for vengeance, the necessary cold motivation for him to graduate as a strong Makai Knight. After burying both Dōji and Shizuka, Rei swore vengeance for his family's death. Unfortunately, he unknowingly became Gulm and Barago's pawn as the latter managed to trick him into believing Garo being his family's killer (Barago exploited his armor's vague resemblance to the Golden Knight's along with Kokuenken, the dark replica of Garoken, to do so during the murder), though he eventually learned the truth and helped the Golden Knight attain their mutual revenge.


  • Makai Knight Training: As a former Makai Knight, Dōji was well-trained in martial arts and hunting down Horrors. However, due to limited knowledge, the full aspects of his capabilities is unknown.


  • Ginroken (銀狼剣, Ginrōken, Silver Wolf Swords): A pair of short sword Makai Blade that when transformed are more scimitar like.
    • Zero Armor: A silver Makai Armor that specializes in dual saber combat.
  • Silva: Zero's Madōgu.






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