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D Ringo is a Makai Priest and ally of Ryūga Dōgai in the events of Gold Storm. He ran a kebab food truck and later an item shop in Line City with his wife, Yukihime.

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D Ringo is an elderly Makai Priest that doubles as a shady magical items dealer and allies with Ryūga & Rian after they stayed in Line City. Once an over-ambitious thief, D Ringo turned somewhat of a new leaf after being saved by Ryūme (when he was young) and tried to live a quiet life dealing in between selling food and illegally trading magical items for a living. After his encounter with Ryūga in the events of Gold Storm, he stopped running his kebab food truck business and founded a items shop called Tienda de Bolsa with his supernaturally strong wife, Yukihime, in Gold Storm Flight.

Although D Ringo looks like a shady items dealer, he's actually a knowledgeable man that knows a lot of things other priests wouldn't know. A researcher by nature, he runs his shop while studying makai literature on his own. His shop eventually became an unofficial base for Ryūga and his friends whenever they need a place to reconnoiter their situation. Loaded with makai tomes, magical tools, weapons, and food, Ryūga and his group visits his shop to formulate plans and often D Ringo has something to offer to help them on their way.

Despite being a wise priest, D Ringo is not a powerful one and he prefers to avoid conflict as he's doesn't excel in combat against the dark arts. He dislikes getting directly involved in Horror-related matters despite having extensive knowledge of the makai arts. Although known to be a cheapskate and cowardly at times, he has proven himself a great ally for Garo and Ryūme. He cares what happens to the city whenever great danger arrives and he's willing to provide his resources to Garo if it means the darkness can be neutralized. In the darkest moments in times, he's willing to risk his life to save the public. Overall, D Ringo is an eccentric old man that's a great resource against the darkness.

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  • Makai Priest Training: ?.

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