Damian Steward was a mob boss that used the Horror Aggregate to raise to power.


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One day, Aggregate approached Damian through a text message offering any information he wanted in return for humans to feed on. Accepting the conditions, Damian uses the Horror's abilities and quickly rises to the top of Russell City's criminal underworld.

Vanishing LineEdit

With Aggregate's vast knowledge, Damian learns about a secret meeting between Russell City's top crime families in order to get rid of him. Damian shows up along with his gunners and kill all of them except for a single survivor. Damian then kidnaps the single survivor and feeds it to Aggregate as he and his men viciously watch through a TV. Gina and Sword eventually infiltrate Damian's penthouse and slay the Horror during a party. Damian, despite being saved from the Horror, is later shot dead by members of the other families in a revenge killing.

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