Dan (ダン) is a white Makai Armor that specializes in spear combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title as of Dan the Midnight Sun Knight (白夜騎士・打無, Byakuya Kishi Dan, lit. Strikeless) or White Knight (白騎士, Shiro Kishi). The armor is currently wielded by Tsubasa Yamagatana. This armor first appears in Demon Beast of the Midnight Sun.


The Dan armor is ornate white Makai Armor with grey and yellow outlines. It has a pair of twin crimson scarves attached to the shoulder blade area and designed with ornate Japanese themes, taking aesthetics to ancient Japanese armor with a Makai touch. Unlike Garo, Zero, and Kiba, it has a mouth that does not have exposed fangs.

It is unique among the Makai Order as it's the only armor that is charged, along with its user, to have a permanent post to protect the territory of Kantai, a training ground for the Order. Like most armors, its belt contains a symbol at the solar plexus to remove the armor from its user (if hit hard enough in emergency cases such as Lost Soul Beast transformation).

As with other armors, Dan armor can perform Blazing Armament to increase its combat strength with its Madō Flames, being light purple in color. Additionally, it has additional gimmicks in form of the ability to generate white light that can weaken lesser Horrors like sunlight to vampires and bolsters whatever magical abilities the wearer possesses; while it appeared Dan possessed the ability to manipulate objects without touching them, the ability is related to its wearer Tsubasa, who had some level of magical training, with the armor only improving it tenfold. Overall, the armor is highly formidable in combat.


  • Midnight Sun Spear: The Midnight Sun Spear (白夜槍, Byakuya Yari) is Dan's Makai Blade. Being fashioned into a spear, it gives Dan greater advantage thanks to its extended attack range. If needed, Dan can throw the spear at great ranges to take down its target. In normal conditions, Midnight Sun Spear takes the appearance of a long spear with retractable spearhead and beautifully designed white and yellow shaft. In its activated form, it becomes an ornate spear with a larger ornate spearhead. With the spear, Tsubasa raises the weapon upwards and draws a circle with it, opening a portal through which the armor equips him.
  • Hayate: Dan's Madō Horse, a mechanical stallion which designed for high-speed transportation horseshoe combat. It lacked any special gimmicks other than the basic characteristics of a Madō Horse. Its full capabilities are not clearly defined.




  • Dan's theme:
  • Dan is the first Makai Armor that appear in Garo series, who armed with Makai Spear.
  • Dan Armor's design became the basis for the Zanga Armor.


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