Dark Metal
Azami with Dark Metal blob GVR
Azami with a blob of Dark Metal
Dark Metal Destructive Power GVR
A testament of Dark Metal's destructive capabilities as demonstrated by Hagiri Shousetsu
  • Makai Equipment (resource for Dark Metal-based weaponry)
  • Core material for Veil Armor and Sword

Dark Metal is the dark counterpart to Soul Metal that made its official debut in GARO: Versus Road.

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Dark Metal is a dark substance of terrible power that normally takes on a goopy, liquid-like form, and can be used to create weapons, or even a full set of armor with even more unimaginable power. Through Azami and Shousetsu's scheme in accumulating Dark Metal via. Versus Road death game and Garo's Soul Metal composition, this dark alloy is comprised of negative emotion-based Inga gathered within Soul Metal, with the feeling of anger and hate providing largest amount of power.


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