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Darkness Hunters (闇の狩師, Yami no Karishi) or Darkness Slashers (闇斬師, Yamigirishi) are a secret group of priest hunters that track down and prosecute people within the Makai Order.

Description & Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Darkness hunters (or slashers) are a group of Makai Priests that have been trained to handle corrupted individuals within the Makai Order. Because priests and knights are often exposed to darkness, certain individuals may succumb to the dark forces they fight against. Horrors have been known to possess knights and/or priests. All is revealed when they use the Soul Insertion Technique to validate the purity of a target's soul. Once the person's heart is corrupted, they pose a serious threat to the order unless that person still have light in them. Corrupted members have the knowledge and experience to cause serious havoc within the Order. Other people suffer from personality corruption through extended exposure to negative energies, causing them to personify the worst side of their natures. Some may have tampered with the dark arts and unknowingly become corrupted themselves. It is such people that have proven a major problem in the past and the hunters are trained to defeat such individuals to neutralize their darkness.

Neither respected nor trusted by their own kind, the hunters act as the Makai Order's internal affairs unit and has the power to kill any corrupted individuals they see fit. Because their job is solely dedicated to taking down corrupted individuals and not Horrors, they are treated as pariahs. It's their job to be impartial and the hunters make minimized bonds with people and carry a high degree of suspicion amongst their own. Working mainly as solo operatives, they have no partners and its considered very rare for them to work in teams. The full description of their group is not fully defined as there's only limited information.

History[edit | edit source]

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Somewhere between the events of Chapter of the Black Wolf and Saejima Kouga, the Darkness Hunters was founded by Zesshin and Byakkai. Both priests proposed the creation of the Darkness Hunters division to the Makai Order. After a series of devastating events created by corrupted members of the order, the two convinced the higher-ups to sanction a team of trained priests that can uncover members who have succumb to darkness. Their greatest credibility was the Soul Insertion Technique by Zesshin. The ability to see into a person's core being allows them to effectively sort out the good and the corrupted. Zesshin would later teach this technique to Byakkai and both would use their powers to maintain the light and security within the order.

Incarceration of The Founders[edit | edit source]

Although the Darkness Hunters were proven effective, their own division wasn't immune to darkness. Priest Zesshin refined his insertion technique and figured out how to completely take over a person's body. At some point, his constant interaction with the darkness of others corrupted his mind and caused him to slaughter his family. The Makai Order had him arrested and jailed him in an ancient prison for eternity.

Byakkai's activities aren't clear, but he recruited Bikū and trained her to become a successful Darkness Hunter before the events of The Makai Flower. After he completed training Bikū, he ran away from the order without permission. Byakkai couldn't handle the strains of being a Darkness Hunter and wanted to leave, but the order wouldn't easily permit him to do so.

Rather than going through the proper channels, Byakkai ended up arrested. Fortunately for Byakkai, he's done so many dirty jobs and knows so many secrets from the order that his living being is a threat to the order if his secrets get loose. To keep him silent and comfortable, Byakkai was imprisoned in a magical prison that provides him with all the comforts a man (ex: food, women, entertainment) could want except his freedom. Both founders of the organization are jailed, leaving Bikū to be the only survivor of their division.

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