Destruction Rebirth is the first episode in Fang of God: JINGA.


Jinga, Fūsa, and Tōma investigated into a girl high school due to the presence of darkness. When they got to the school, they found a sealed area and Jinga cut down the darkness and thought it was the end of it, however, there was more to it. Within the school, a girl named Kanae was being harassed and bullied by a group of girls lead by Rio. Rio's group did something and Kanae got them in trouble. In retaliation, Rio's group has been terrorizing Kanae and her best friend, Atsumi, tries to help her. The bullies captured Kanae, tormented her, then chained her up inside the gym storage to make her suffer. While crying, her anger against her tormentors turned to inga (negative) energies and turned the chain into a gateway. The Horror Kadeena sensed Kanae's rage and offered to get rid of her tormentors and possessed her.

Atsumi got captured by Rio and also planned to torment her in the gym when they realize Kanae is a horror now. Jinga arrived to stop the carnage and cut down the girl, but Atsumi got in the way. When she turned into her demonic form, Jinga pulled Atsumi away when the horror bitten his right hand and it jump-started a biological event inside Jinga. Still able to fight, Jinga activated Roze and slayed the Horror. However, a most unusual thing happened, the girl who was possessed returned to the living. Everyone was surprised as it's extremely rare that a slayed horror would leave its victim intact. Jinga used his Madō Lighter to confirm her eyes is human and Alva sensed no darkness within her. Even more mysterious, Jinga's sword is clean from darkness; the horror wasn't sealed. With no more darkness, they decided to erase all memories of the horrific night and left it alone. With altered memories, Kanae, Atsumi, Rio, and her friends are all friends now. It's a happy ending for the girls, but the start of Jinga's path through darkness.

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