Death Hole
Human Form

Death Hole the Gate Horror (ゲートホラー デスホール. Gēto Horā Desu Hōru) is a venus flytrap-headed Horror that emerges from a gate that manifests from a manhole cover which was manufactured by Kōji Kijima, an artistic metal caster who left his wife Mayumi to die under a manhole prior to the cover's creation. Possessing the body of a woman, and converting her host into the shaded woman in black (黒服の女, Kurofuku no Onna), Death Hole uses Kijima to mass produce more of the manhole covers to bring more of her kin into the world. However, while Death Hole meets her end against Garo, Kijima faces his own horrific end at the hands of his wife's specter. Kijima is portrayed by Takeshi Nadagi (なだぎ 武, Nadagi Takeshi) while the woman in black is portrayed by Hiromi Eguchi (江口 ヒロミ, Eguchi Hiromi).

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