Delitus was a giant Oni-faced Horror that took the form of a traditional Japanese straw-thatched house with his core assuming the form of a patriarch named Ichiro, while his Horror familiars assumed the form of his family.


Tricking people into entering their abode, Delitus and his familiars made their guests feel welcomed and joyful before tossing them into the empty communal pot at the center of the house to stew. From there, the house would vanish and reappear at another unlikely location. When Raiga arrived at the same time they were about to cook their latest victim, Ichiro attempted to convince the former that his methods were making people happy, but refusing to accept his logic, Raiga proceeds to defeat the former and his familiars. After being overwhelmed, Delitus assumes his true form with Raiga slaying the Horror with the help of Gōten.

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  • Ichiro is portrayed by Guts Ishimatsu (ガッツ石松, Gattsu Ishimatsu), while his family are portrayed by Yoko Oshima (大島 蓉子, Ōshima Yōko), Takuro Takahashi (高橋 卓郎, Takahashi Takurō), Yumi Yoshino(芳野 友美, Yoshino Yumi), Tsubasa Matsuzaki (松崎 飛翼, Matsuzaki Tsubasa), Fubomichi Takazawa (高澤 父母道, Takazawa Fubomichi), Aoi Ito (伊東 蒼, Itō Aoi), and Kotaro Fujitomi (藤冨 航太郎, Fujitomi Kōtarō).
  • Delitus' true form has a similar appearance to the titular character from the Sony Animated movie Monster House.
  • Considering that the other family members are also Horror familiars, it's unknown why they didn't assume their black-winged skeletal forms to fight Raiga.
    • It's possible that the Horror familiars are mere sentient constructs similar to that of Anglay's hooded painting soldiers.
  • It is implied that Delitus' Inga Gate was either the house itself or the communal pot that the "family" used to cook their "food."


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