Demon Beast Armor
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Kodama's Demon Beast Armor
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Gulm's Demon Beast Armor
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Jinga's Demon Beast Armor
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Octavia's Demon Beast Armor
  • Armor
  • Makai Equipment
  • Enhancing user's strength, speed, and power to superhuman level on the same vein with Makai Armor
Known Users

Demon Beast Armor is the dark counter-part armor to Makai Armor in the Garo series.

Description & Characteristics

Demon Beast Armors are magically forged armors meant to take on the Makai Order, specially Makai Knights. In contrast to Makai Armors, they have a demonic appearance and more organic in design due to nature of their creation. Each armor's construction is different; some are adapted to mimic exactly like makai armor and others are sculpted from their own body. Although unique in design, most armors endows the wearer with increased strength, endurance, stamina, speed, magical resistance, heightened healing factor, enhanced magics, and enhanced senses; it makes them highly formidable combatants against the strongest of knights. Because there is no official definition, an unofficial classification (based on observation) has been created.

Forged Demon Armor

It is unclear how these armors are created, but it seems that the armor itself was fashioned from dark essences which more than often, originated from demonic beings (Horrors included). These are demonic alternatives to makai armor. Makai Knights have to spent a lifetime mastering use of their soul metal-forged armors to combat dark forces, but demon armor don't. The user doesn't even need to be evil, but they must have some degree of magical skill to summon the armor. In the Original Series, corrupted watch Dog Gulm and her adopted son, Kodama, had their own demonic armors that were comparable to makai armor. It can be inferred that Gulm and Kodama crafted their armors as form of contingency plan while conspiring with Dark Knight Kiba against Makai Order should their accidental pawn Rei, the latest Zero the Silver Knight, realized the truth about his adoptive family's death prematurely (which he does through Kiba revealing himself by killing 12-piece Fusion Giant Horror before his and Kouga's eyes). Kodama's armor was made specifically to activate through his sound wave magic while Gulm's was summoned through magical focus. Based on observation, the armors do not have a time limit, giving the user a field advantage over makai armors.

Known Variants

Variant Description
KodamaEp23.png Beast Armored Kodama Armor

Kodama's custom armor is a crimson and black demonic armor with pale white eye lenses (resembling a Horror's eyes) and a mouth that can let out snarls. He is armed with a jagged demon sword and can extend his sound wave magic through his armor to increase its damage.

Beast Gulm.jpg Beast Gulm Armor

Gulm's Demon Beast Armor is Cerberus-themed demonic armor composed of white bodysuit, armor platings over arms and legs, and a helmet. Its weapon is a magical large ring (which stored at the back and takes appearance of wind-and-fire wheels when not used) and can employ more powerful versions of Kodama's attacks.

Demon Beast Exoskeleton

A pre-existing Horror that has modified body with the end result being a combat form with powerful exoskeleton close to body armor. While Kodama and Gulm's Armors are removable combat garments like Makai Armor, Jinga's armored form is the result of modifications on his basic Demon Beast Form. Jinga was corrupted and made into a horror, but his abilities as a knight never left him. His hatred and anger against humanity was strong enough to remain the dominate personality along with his wife, Amily. Suggestively, Amily assisted Jinga in extensive magical body modification and enhancement, giving his demon beast form a tough exoskeleton themed after Makai Armor. While a corrupted knight can still access its armor, a Horror-possessed one cannot. Because the knight's sword isn't directly touched on skin contact, Jinga was still able to use his weapon. Other than a demonic skin handle, it's unclear whether the blade was truly tainted or it was merely cosmetic. Because the demon armor is a part of Jinga's body and not a protective garment that can be removed when no longer needed, he can change his body for flight. For aerial combat, the armor sprouts red bat-like wings and long, prehensile tail to grab his foes. His legs also somewhat elongated and slender ends with clawed toes. While Jinga can naturally change into his armored form, Amily can also activated it for his behalf with her Dark Mirror while simultaneously boosting its power. However, if the mirror gets damaged, the magical enhancements will cease. When his armored demon beast form is weakened, he returns to a human form instead of a horror.

Similarly, Sonshi acquires his own Demon Beast Exoskeleton after turned into a Mado Horrors that like Jinga, can sprout wings for aerial flight. But in his case, the armor reflects on his own darkness and status as a Knight from start and also formed by saplings of Zedom which purposed by Tousei Kaneshiro to form his personal bodyguard and army against Makai Order. Since the saplings are raw state of Soul Metal in Ryūga's home universe, it's not a coincidence that his Demon Beast Exoskeleton shares some properties with those of Makai Armor.

Known Variants

Variant Description
Jinga.png Jinga's Demon Beast Exoskeleton

Through extensive bodily modification (implied with help of Amily's dark mirror), Jinga's demon beast form become that of humanoid Horror encased within Demon Exoskeleton. Its design and aesthetics looked like a twisted, demonic version of Makai Armor complete with red wolf-like helmet and horn. The exoskeleton's durability is comparable with Makai Armors, as it can shrug off magical and physical attacks. It has two forms, Normal Form and Flight Form. Normal Form is the demon beast exoskeleton's basic form which endow him strength comparable to a Makai Knight, which can be enhanced with Amily's dark mirror. Flight Form on the other hand, is the form where it sprouts bat-like wings, sharp prehensile tail, and its stature become much taller and slender. While in flight mode Jinga become faster and agile thanks to his wings, it appeared at the cost of defense, as Garo was able to fatally stab him in their aerial duel.

Whenever Jinga accessed either forms, his Makai Blade also transforms as well. Whether the blade's transformation was due to it being truly tainted or mere cosmetic remained unclear.

Note: Jinga's Demon Beast Exoskeleton bears some resemblance to Roze Armor his later incarnation Jinga Mikage wears.

Sonshi (Madou Horror Form).jpg Sonshi's Demon Beast Exoskeleton

While not confirmed, Sonshi's Horror Form possesses a tough exoskeleton similar to Jinga's and even having a similar appearance to Makai Armors, implying that he modified his demon beast form like Jinga did since he can no longer don his armor. Like Jinga's his exoskeleton provides durability comparable to Makai Armors, as it can shrug off magical and physical attacks. The exoskeleton can even sprout wings for aerial combat if needed.

Cybernetic Modification

Created out of soul metal, the armor is technically a form of makai armor. In the animated universe, much of the established aspects of soul metal including its rules and limitations played differently, but aspect that stay true are alloy's ability to burns anyone (includes Horror) on skin contact and it can literally devour a knight through prolonged use. Unlike the original series, it doesn't take a lifetime to master soul metal; a novice can use it so long as the person still adheres to its time limitations and only requires few weeks of training (which includes workout session) to fully master the alloy. Also, the alloy can be used to create Soul Metal-based Demon Beast Armor as opposed to only limited to crafting Makai Knight's arsenals.

The maiden, Octavia, was a devout follower of Mad Makai Alchemist Mendoza. So loyal to him, she was willing to risk her life for him. To grant Octavia's wish to help Mendoza, he allowed her to hold his staff and it magically modified her body. A form of magical cybernetic modification, her body was altered and enhanced into a living combat machine, making her combat strength on par to a knight. However, this armor is a death sentence. Through Zaruba, it is suggested such an armor has been made in the past, but it is not commonly used as the armor will kill its user. When a knight's armor begins to hurt its user, he can easily retract it before there's any permanent damage. However, because the metal is fused with the person, there's no escaping the devouring effect. The user has less than 30 mins of combat use before the armor begins to compress its user to death and there's no escape — It will completely crush its user and vanish without a trace; it's only deployed as a desperate measure. This greatly contrasted to Makai Armors, which compression effect turns the the wearer into Lost Soul Beast state in which they can still be saved by hitting the armor's crest with enough force.

Known Variants

Variant Description
Demon Beast Armored Octavia.png Demon Beast Armored Octavia Armor

Octavia's Demon Beast Armor is a Soul Metal-based Demon Beast Armor designed for wrist blade combat, armed with retractable katar-like swords mounted on both wrists, a built-in primitive Mado Gun within the prosthetic leg, and head harness that can project propulsive gust of wind to propel the user forward. The armor also endows the wearer superhuman strength, speed, agility, and reflexes on par with Makai Knights in their armored form. Though Octavia able to move freely in her armored form, her lack of experience in handling Soul Metal limited her ability to wield soul metal-based weapon while in her armor at the same time, a setback that Alphonso exploited during their fight. The armor greatly enhanced Octavia's overall strengths that she became a formidable and resilient combatant that can match combined might of both Gaia and veteran Makai Alchemist Ema. In fact, Ema only won by default when the Demon Beast Armor fatally consumes Octavia's flesh, allowing the victorious but weakened Makai Alchemist to finished her off by destroying both the deformed armor and what remained of her adversary.

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Notes & Trivia

Demon Beast Armor is the first counterpart to the Makai armor, the second being Dragon Knight armor.

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