Demon Compass (魔針盤, Mashinban) is a sensory Madōgu for Makai Priests in the Original Series and Ryūga-verse.


Based on the real-life make of Chinese Taoist compasses, it's a multi-sensory spiritual tool that helps priests in search and detection missions. A magical compass, it's used primarily as a darkness sensor to detect horrors and dark energies within the vicinity. The compass comes in various sizes, but the most common ones are handheld portable devices for the user. Able to sense at great distances, the priest would focus their target and the compass would provide direction. While the tool is meant for priests, it's not exclusive as a knight or civilian can master the use of it with some practice.

The compass can sense things beyond just darkness. So long as the target has an energy signature, the user can focus on the intended target and the compass will process the information and provide direction. It has been used to locate forgotten locations like a makai tomb and provide direction within a hidden forest. Depending on the creator, some compasses have built-in shielding like Kain's umbrella. The sensor can even store information and create 3D for its users to review tactical data. However, the compass isn't a perfect tool. Barrier magic can be used to shield against compass sensory. Only when the magical protection is removed that a sensor can fully reveal information. Overall though, it is one of the most vital tools used by the Makai Order.