Demon Sword
Demon Sword GVR.jpg
  • Makai Equipment
  • Endows the user tremendous fighting power at the cost of becoming an undead should they fail to kill any of their enemies with it in 99.9 seconds.

The Demon Sword, also known as a Maken, is a cursed sword of terrible power, featured the VR Death Game in GARO: Versus Road.

Description & Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A weapon made of unknown material, possibly either Dark Metal or Death Metal (Soul Metal's corrupted state). Anyone who uses this sword will gain tremendous power, but if they don't defeat any of their enemies within a time limit of 99.9 seconds, they will be consumed by the dark sword's power and turned into an undead thrall. Though Kanata Dai was able to regain his free will after being turned, Hyouga Ren wasn't as fortunate, and turned into an even more murderous undead berserker by the sword. Any undead created by the Maken can only be slain by the very sword that turned them in the first place, with Amou Ryousuke using it to lay Kanata to rest, while Sena Kuon used it to destroy the undead Hyouga after regaining his resolve to fight in the memory of Hoshiai Shouri. Though the blade normally gains a dark, purplish aura when picked up by anyone attempting to use it, the aura turned to a golden yellow glow when Kuon used it against Hyouga.

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