Demon Sword (妖刀, Yōtō) is the eighth episode of GARO: Makai Flash Knight.


Juzo Igami, a powerful samurai from the past awakens from a centuries long coma after making a contract with a Horror-possessed sword to heal his sickly body. Wanting to find a strong opponent to fight in the modern era, the samurai witnesses Rei's fine two-handed sword-style. Juzo is then persistent in duelling Rei to find out who is stronger.


Juzo Igari kills four swordsmen of the Nogi Dojo, whose master he had previously killed in from of Sasuke. Nisou asks him why the need for the bloodshed. As Sasuke answers, Juzo coughs. Juzo refuses to go to a doctor for a bloody cough as he intends to die soon.

Juzo makes his way to Ukyou's shack in the mountains. Ukyou Hitokiri says that his sword is thirsty for flesh and blood. Juzo deflects and attach from Ukyou as the pair do battle. Juzo fatally stabs Ukyou as Kagemitsu offers to keep him alive. Juzo takes Kagemitsu and is transported into a forest in the modern era.

As he makes his way through the city, Juzo refuses to cut down civilians and non-warriors to satiate Kagemitsu. Juzo laments about the lack of warriors when he hears swords clash. Juzo looks on as Rei battles Rebecca. Once Rebecca is defeated, Rei asks Silva whether Juzo is a Horror. Silva confirms that he is human, but she can sense Kagemitsu.

Juzo challenges Rei to a duel, but Kagemitsu refuses to allow him to battle. Juzo approaches him again and the pair battle with wooden sticks until Juzo coughs up blood. Rei walks away and refuses to fight Juzo again.

Kagemitsu tells Juzo that he needs to give the sword fresh blood in order to defeat Rei. Juzo decides to stab himself instead of becoming a simple murderer.

Rei tracks a horror to a warehouse, and discovers that Juzo is the Horror. Juzo tells Rei how he saw a Makai Knight when he was younger and vowed to be stronger than him. Juzo and Rei battle again, and Juzo shows that he can wield Soul Metal. Rei eventually defeats Juzo and tells Juzo that there is someone stronger than him.

Rei thinks of challenging Kouga to another fight until his Seal of Destruction causes his pain. Rei asks what Kouga is going to do.



  • Rei Suzumura (涼邑 零, Suzumura Rei): Ray Fujita (藤田 玲, Fujita Rei)
  • Madō Necklace Silva (魔導具シルヴァ, Madōgu Shiruva, Voice): Ai Orikasa (折笠 愛, Orikasa Ai)

Guest Cast[]

  • Kagemitsu (カゲミツ, Kagemitsu)/Juzo Igari (冴島 鋼牙, Igari Juuzo): Kohei Otomo (大友康平, Otomu Kohei)
  • Kagemitsu (カゲミツ, Kagemitsu, Voice): Rintarō Nishi (西 凛太朗, Nishi Rintarō)
  • Ukyou Hitokiri (人斬り右京, Hitokiri Ukyou): Yoshinori Okamoto (岡本美登, Okamoto Yoshinori)
  • Nisou (尼僧, Nisou): Mika Hijii (肘井 美佳, Hijii Mika)
  • Sasuke (尼僧, Sasuke): Yukijirō Hotaru (螢 雪次朗, Hotaru Yukijirō)

Suit Actors[]

  • Zero: Sanshiro Wada (和田三四郎, Wada Sanshiro)


  • The episode's opening credits are modeled after Jidaigeki movie intros, as kanji flashed on the screen in between shots of scenery. This is also one of the few episodes of the franchise not to use its opening theme song.
  • This episode commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Tohokushinsha Film Corporation and had a special credit in the opening to signify this event.
  • This is the first GARO project since KIBA: Dark Knight Side Story to not feature Kouga, but a mention of him.
    File:TFC 50th.png

    50th Anniversary special credit


Home Video Release[]

  • Garo Season 2 Vol. 1 featured episodes 1-13 on two discs, with English subtitles by Kraken Releasing.


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