Demon Sword of Rubis
Rubiss Maken GARO.jpg
Kouga holding Demon Sword of Rubis
Rubiss Maken Activation GARO.gif
Rekka uses Demon Sword of Rubis
Type: Specialized Makai Equipment
Usage: Entering Karma's mirror dimension

The Demon Sword of Rubis (ルビスの魔剣, Rubisu no Maken) is a device designed specifically for Makai to safely enter the mirror the Horror Karma is housed in.

Description & Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Demon Sword is a device made of Horror's fang specifically designed to open the gateway into Karma's dimension safely. It's unknown whether this device forged from random Horror's fang or the device can only be made from certain Horrors.

When thrown at the mirror, the Demon Sword, initially just a bell-shaped hilt, splits open and produces a small blade, which impales the mirror and creates a temporary portal into Karma's realm.

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