Despera was a Horror that possessed the body of Pepe.


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Pepe was the son of a barber, and he became very close to Agatha after his father married her mother. They both became orphans after their parents were killed by vigilantes under the suspicion of being werewolves, causing Pepe to hide Agatha and run off. One of the priests of the Church's almshouse found Pepe and sold him to a slave boat, where he was constantly beaten. But one night, Pepe managed to get a dagger and kills his abuser, becoming a Horror in the process.

Carved Seal of FlamesEdit

After many years, Pepe returns to his hometown disguised as the Harlequin to lead the children of the almshouse to the city of "Lograja", a city that unknown to them perished due to an epidemic. Pepe turned into Despera and attacked the head priest to take the children, who witnessed everything. One of the children tried to run away, but Despera caught up to him and tossed him over the sky. Fortunatel, León Luís caught the boy and proceeded to slay Despera.

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